About us

The Name

In physics, systems are defined to be ‘6DOF’ (Degrees Of Freedom) when able to freely move in space. We chose the name ‘6DOF Labs’ to communicate our flexibility in developing whatever is meaningful to our customers.

Our Skills

6DOF Labs is a blend of engineers and designers, working to convey innovative technology into everyone's, everyday life.

System Design

We leverage on your needs to architect and provide a custom solution.


We manufacture components, assemble and test our products firsthand.

Software Coding

We embed our own code in our products, to maximize performance and reliability.


We all have been hearing about internet of things and home automation since years. Still, we find it hard to spot smart devices in schools, restaurants, hospitals or offices yet. In our future, automation services will be accessible to anyone, not just to large corporations or talented hobbyists.


6DOF Labs aims at supporting operators performing repetitive, inefficient, unsafe or annoying tasks. The value we bring to the table is in the development of customized solutions, stemming from customer needs, which are combinations of both hardware and software.

Additive manufacturing

In order to create the perfect product for every customer, we exploit additive manufacturing as our production technology. We fully own the supply chain from design to final product, and can produce high-quality components and prototypes ourselves, reducing waste, cost and time to market.

Commitment to sustainability

At 6DOF Labs we take responsibility for the sustainability of our design, manufacturing and operations.
We do so in a pragmatic way, by:

  • Using 100% green energy, from renewable sources, as certified by our energy provider.
  • Utilizing plant-based materials for our products, which are natural, BPA-free, non-toxic, non-irritant, compostable and recyclable.
  • Recycling packaging from our own products. After all, no ones wants to keep empty boxes laying around.

Renewable energy